September 24, 2007

The few weeks Ive been back at home have been a real mixture. On the plus side Ive written two full chapters of second book, which is good going, though It’ll need redrafting alot I expect once its finished. Having no job is irritating, though Ive applied for one in Kingston so that might be resolved soon. The real downer is the mixture of guilt at imposing on my lovely parents, and the loneliness of having no friends nearby. Im not naive enough to not know friends are fickle and come and go, but how quickly and frivolously irritates and saddens me. It seems I have no one who goes out of their way to support, or even ask how Im doing, save my folks. Itd be nice to be appreciated once in a while, or God forbid be trusted. Sitting in your room all day can make you think too much sometimes. So be it. On with life.


Internet Back Up

September 11, 2007

I am now moved in, and after a week’s frustration I now have the internet up and running. One good aspect of the delay(and being unemployed) is that I have written a fair deal of Book Two- an extract of which I have put on my myspace blog. I have been good at writing at least a few sentences every day, an exercise of which I have been poor at in the past. The big battle is coming, and I hope I do it justice(though an even bigger one is planned for Book Three). I need to keep looking for work, start my overdue second assignment on egyptology course, watch a program on the Aztecs tonight, start exercising morning and night, and get rids of eczema on hands. Random targets, but all in reach(except exercising maybe:)


Time to move

August 30, 2007

In three days I will be moving back to Kingston after 7 years in high wycombe. It feels strange, but unfortunately most of the emotions are negative at the moment. Apathy, bitterness, tiredness and frustration at the culmulative last few months has left e jaded. The one shining light in all this- knowing i draw near to the end of book 2, and what I have left to write Im looking forward to more than anything else I have yet written. Will finish and allocate the necessary time to it once Im settled back with parents, bless them.


The Tsunami of change approaches

August 19, 2007

The time has almost come for me to leave my job and high wycombe, due to cash flow and jaded problems. Come 3rd september, I will be back in kingston with my parents. Hardly a forward step, but unavoidable. Have only 3 chapters left to write on second book, so should finish it this year definitely. Then comes the heady job of editing it, though it wont be as tough as the first as is written far better. Fingers crossed for a brighter future.



July 27, 2007

The last week has been a very tough one, involving a lot of thinking. One thing that is thankfully constant is my love of writing and desire to get my 3 sequels published. But have decided to quit my job(looking for another one as I speak), and if necessary move back with my parents. Hardly a forward step, but could be what I need as have had enough of my current job and is getting me nowhere, except on the fast track to the loony bin. Have started my Egyptology course, and have just proofread a decent shortstory about a demonic cult. Interesting.



July 14, 2007

for the last few days, I’ve written very little on my second book. For a few reasons. Haven’t been in the right mindset for one, exhausted from work is another, but it doesnt mean I have been idle. Spoke to my parents and they told me to try and look further afield for a proofing job, up in manchester maybe. So I will. Very little holding me in wycombe now once kian leaves. Maybe a fresh start will be good. Of course, need to find a job first.


Ancient Voices

July 9, 2007

It’s been a while since the last blog, but finally I have time to allocate and am in the right frame of mind after an unpleasant month full of surprises. Personal stuff aside, I brought a bbc series dvd boxset called Ancient Voices the other day(voiced by none other than skywalker himself Mark Hamill) and it’s awesome. Was watching episodes on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Stonehenge, and Cahokia and they all make me think deeply(maybe too deeply). It is amazing to appreciate the scope of mystery still out there from antiquity, and I love using these so called ancient voices in my own work if I can. Makes the gooseflesh rise.