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Writing for a younger audience

November 19, 2007

Recently, Ive been editing my second book, and have been thinning it down for my target audience, i.e teens-young adult. Yes, it is necessary for it to be accessible, but still damn frustrating to lose a lot of description. The realisation is that unless you are established, or writing adult epic fantasy, there is little room for flashy imagery. Have been reading a lot of Blackwood and De Troyes recently, and it is in sad knowledge that I realise magnificent writers like these are unaccessible for the majority in this day and age. Heavy description and atmosphere are defunct in the modern era, but I still find it a travesty that writers like Blackwood are almost forgotten. People are too impatient to enjoy true, enigmatic talent.   


Steady and patient

November 4, 2007

I’ve now worked two weeks in my new job in the bookshop. Its ok, though not a career job. Gives a bit of an insight into what books are popular and sell well though. Biographies and crime fiction(i.e the Cornwells) are selling well at the moment. Boring books in my view, but then thats just me. I have a monster proof to do at the mo( a 500 page poetry book) so work editing second book is slow, but up to chapter 13. Got blood tests on tuesday. Never had them before so a bit nervous.