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Never Mind

October 15, 2007

Heard this morning that I didnt get the proofreading job I went for. Its obviously disappointing as I thought I had a fair chance, but whats more worrying is that that job was at the tail end of my experience and theres very few of them around, so if I didnt get that, what chance have I of others? il probably get the bookshop job I went for, but thats not a career job, and Im sick of public service. Its something I suppose, just have to try and save some money, buy some computer programs like Indesign, Acrobat, Outlook,etc, and do a copywriting course if possible as well. Alot of money and time.


High Blood Pressure

October 10, 2007

Today hasnt been the greatest. Went to see the nurse again, and she took my blood pressure and its still up, even higher than last time. I have to go and see the doctor next week now, which’ll probably mean medication. Really shouldnt be happening at my age. Problems at home as well, with my mum getting worked up about her work, and having an interview for a job in london on monday was stressful. This blog appears the only way to release it, as friends are non-existant or caught up in their own lives. Thanks also to the postal strike for delaying my new ink cartridge, so cant print any more novel off for my dad and me to edit. Anyway, enough ranting. I’ll go watch the Back to the Future trilogy to cheer me up.