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Time to move

August 30, 2007

In three days I will be moving back to Kingston after 7 years in high wycombe. It feels strange, but unfortunately most of the emotions are negative at the moment. Apathy, bitterness, tiredness and frustration at the culmulative last few months has left e jaded. The one shining light in all this- knowing i draw near to the end of book 2, and what I have left to write Im looking forward to more than anything else I have yet written. Will finish and allocate the necessary time to it once Im settled back with parents, bless them.


The Tsunami of change approaches

August 19, 2007

The time has almost come for me to leave my job and high wycombe, due to cash flow and jaded problems. Come 3rd september, I will be back in kingston with my parents. Hardly a forward step, but unavoidable. Have only 3 chapters left to write on second book, so should finish it this year definitely. Then comes the heady job of editing it, though it wont be as tough as the first as is written far better. Fingers crossed for a brighter future.