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July 27, 2007

The last week has been a very tough one, involving a lot of thinking. One thing that is thankfully constant is my love of writing and desire to get my 3 sequels published. But have decided to quit my job(looking for another one as I speak), and if necessary move back with my parents. Hardly a forward step, but could be what I need as have had enough of my current job and is getting me nowhere, except on the fast track to the loony bin. Have started my Egyptology course, and have just proofread a decent shortstory about a demonic cult. Interesting.



July 14, 2007

for the last few days, I’ve written very little on my second book. For a few reasons. Haven’t been in the right mindset for one, exhausted from work is another, but it doesnt mean I have been idle. Spoke to my parents and they told me to try and look further afield for a proofing job, up in manchester maybe. So I will. Very little holding me in wycombe now once kian leaves. Maybe a fresh start will be good. Of course, need to find a job first.


Ancient Voices

July 9, 2007

It’s been a while since the last blog, but finally I have time to allocate and am in the right frame of mind after an unpleasant month full of surprises. Personal stuff aside, I brought a bbc series dvd boxset called Ancient Voices the other day(voiced by none other than skywalker himself Mark Hamill) and it’s awesome. Was watching episodes on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Stonehenge, and Cahokia and they all make me think deeply(maybe too deeply). It is amazing to appreciate the scope of mystery still out there from antiquity, and I love using these so called ancient voices in my own work if I can. Makes the gooseflesh rise.