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Biting my nails

May 8, 2007

I’m tearing my hair out at not having internet access at the moment. Having to constantly go down the library is beginning to grate. That, coupled with still having to wait for my royalties and waiting for proofing work, and not having enough computer time to search for a new job is making me twitch considerably. Aaaargh! On a good note, am practically up to chapter 20 of second book, which means ive done around 3 chapters over my holiday period. What a life I lead.



May 2, 2007

So I have moved, and everything is unpacked and sorted. Have already done a fair bit on second book, though my parents visited for the day yesterday so didn’t get much done then. Chapter 18 will definitely be started on today though. My housemate keeps whining at me to give him an acknowledgement in the second book. We’ll see Kian…we’ll see. I should be receiving two books to proofread next week, and their rate of pay has gone up as well, which is a bonus. Still struggling in vain to find a different job though. I think Ive narrowed myself but what I like to do. But either way, no macdonalds for me!