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Moving house and holiday

April 28, 2007

From tomorrow I am on holiday for 11 days, and am also moving house in the evening which means I won’t have regular internet for a bit. Will update when I can though. I am going to use the rare succession of days off to get into a rhythm with my second book(well that’s the plan), so hopefully get between 2 and 3 chapters done if I work very hard. That should get me into the 20’s and in the home stretch so to speak.


Military Thinking

April 25, 2007

It’s coming to the point soon when I will be writing my big scale battle for the second book. Ive been taking time out to do a bit of research and think about the way the battle will flow. One thing I have definitely decided on is that I will allocate a large chunk of writing to it and cut between 3 or 4 character as they experience the battle from various standpoints. None of this omnipotent narrator stuff that Tolkien does. I think it’s better to get into the chaos of a battle. What do you think? Of course that means a little knowledge of mediaeval tactics-i.e flanking, arrowhead formations,etc. Here’s hoping it stands up.


Easter Week

April 13, 2007

The last week has been a busy one, and having to work so much over it, I regret not being able to see my family over it for the first time I can remember. Work on the second book has been slow, but today has been more productive in that I should have some more proofreading work soon, which is a relief. Still twiddling my thumbs over royalties though. Jotted down a few summons/beasts for the later two books at work the other day. Anyone want to know what a ‘Boltmare’, a ‘Ja Jong’, and a ‘Crimson Wendigo’ is? Well you’ll have to wait until Jonak attempts to summon them 🙂


A Good Friday

April 6, 2007

Being able to sit down and write today was a relaxing and long overdue experience. Yesterday after work I made a pact with myself that I would get a lot of writing done today, and so far have managed over a 1000 words on novel, and managed to proofread two articles for Twisted Tongue as well. Good going Mr Reed, though will try to do some more novel before the day is out. Should receive my first lot of royalties next week sometime hopefully, which is both exciting and worrying. Try and keep the ‘what if its only a tenner’ thoughts out of my head, as am in desperate need of some cash. Oh well, we cant all be rowlings.