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End of a week, end of a chapter

March 30, 2007

It is friday, and yesterday I finally finished writing chapter 16 of my second book. It seemed to take forever but looking back at its length I found out that it was one of the shorter chapters. Shows what a strain it’s been to write fluently recently. The last couple, and next couple of chapters are from Maglas’s point of view, which is always interesting and fun, as I can go to town on classic fantasy language and myth(as he is an ancient character). It is however a challenge to think- what would I feel and think if I was over 2000 years old and had seen 2 ages come and go? Imagine being around B.C, witness old testament prophets like isaiah and samuel, see the roman empire thrive, or catch the dregs of the great egyptian civilisation. mind blowing really.



March 26, 2007

After having to work six days straight, my frustration at not being able to write regularly has risen several notches. I have wednesday off so will desperately try and devote the whole day to the second book then, but I’m not holding my breath. Other things are sure to crop up. I read another of Blackwood’s short stories, entitled ‘The Man Who Found Out’. It involves an explorer finding an ancient tablet that has the secrets of life and man’s meaning on it. In the story we never find out what it says, all we know is that the man loses hope after he reads it, and has to get his mind erased by a hypnotist. A classic example of how leaving some things out can actually enhance the story. The reader doesnt want to be completely spoon fed- unless it’s a spot the dog book. A lesson for me…and all writers of fantasy.


The Willows

March 23, 2007

I received a rejection letter today from a literary agent, which was quite scathing actually. I guess rejection is part of the trade but a little more tact would’ve been nice. It has finished off a miserable week in terms of everything, even book2 which I haven’t been able to plough through much. I’d say my motivation is in danger of falling to an all time low, but thankfully Mr Algernon Blackwood and his Ancient Sorceries and Other Weird Tales showed up to raise my creative esteem. For me his book of short stories is like handling a golden onion- loads of layers and each one worth a fortune. I urge everyone to read ‘The Willows’, it is probably the singular best piece of writing I have ever read.

Let me know your thoughts if anyone does.



Twisted Tongue

March 20, 2007

I have recently become a freelance proofreader, and finding paid work is a slow and often depressing process. I have done a lot of work for C.V experience and free advertising, and to me that feels the most depressing of all, but one diamond in the rough is Twisted Tongue Magazine, whose proofing staff I’m on. All the short stories I’ve read for them so far have been excellent, especially one I read yest called ‘Hinterland’, which was about a guy falling into a parallel dimension. I’m starting to have a newfound respect for the short story- my snobbish novel writing ways have always made me brush over them- and it’s more of an art form than I give them credit for. An example is the works of Algernon Blackwood. Check him out, his stories are some of the best writing I’ve ever read.


Tiamat…How I Love Dragons

March 17, 2007

In my spare time recently, I’ve been playing final fantasy 12. Yesterday I got past a boss, and it was the legendary(and very familiar for all you final fantasy geeks like me) Tiamat. It looked awesome, this purple dragon borrowed from sumerian and babylonian myth(a woman dragon no less- with five heads) and got me searching for Tiamat artwork on google. Not much there(apart from some rock band with the same name), but a few nice bits, and got me thinking, if I were ever to get a tattoo, and that’s a big if, I think an image of Tiamat would be at the top of the wish list. Dragon’s have some powerful colour and beauty to them, and can’t wait to involve them more in my later Everlace books.

All for now,



First Everlace Blog!

March 16, 2007

Hello all. It is half twelve at night and it is time for my first Everlace(and ever) blog. I am the author of the series and this blog is linked through my Everlace website. Hopefully it will be good for both me- as I can use it as an outlet for my doings and rantings- and for those who read. I will cover aspects of my book, what I’m doing and writing, problems, questions, diary ravings, and also stuff outside the books, although I will generally keep most things fantasy if I can. I will try and post as often as I can, so check back lots if you are interested in the workings of a hermit author. hehe. Next blog soon.