Twisted Tongue Article

February 25, 2008

The latest edition of Twisted Tongue Magazine has written an article on me. You can download it from:


My article is on page 67.


birthday time

February 22, 2008

So it was my birthday a week ago. As usual an anticlimactic time of year, but this year felt more depressing than usual. Did nothing for it, and received only two cards-both from family. So be it. On the plus side, Ive pushed myself hard this week in regards to re-editing the first book, doing a certain amount each day, at work and at home. Try and get it out of the way asap. Have drawn a plan for book three, and its looking good, with more action, characters and development, and is shaping up LONG as well(which is always good for fantasy).



December 17, 2007

Its been a while since the last blog. For once Ive been focused on my writing. Ive been busy editing, and its coming along well and got me in the mood to write. I take chapters to edit at work on lunch breaks,etc, type up at weekend, give to dad to reproof, and then retype again. Long process, but necessary. Im on the lookout for a good fantasy series to read at the mo. Have read too much horror recently, and a smattering of Arthurian Romances, and need to get back in the fantasy vein. I’ll find something. A scour of amazon should do the trick. Christmas nears, and work is busy. Have finished shopping for it, though have only received 2 christmas cards. Never mind. More blogging in the new year.


Writing for a younger audience

November 19, 2007

Recently, Ive been editing my second book, and have been thinning it down for my target audience, i.e teens-young adult. Yes, it is necessary for it to be accessible, but still damn frustrating to lose a lot of description. The realisation is that unless you are established, or writing adult epic fantasy, there is little room for flashy imagery. Have been reading a lot of Blackwood and De Troyes recently, and it is in sad knowledge that I realise magnificent writers like these are unaccessible for the majority in this day and age. Heavy description and atmosphere are defunct in the modern era, but I still find it a travesty that writers like Blackwood are almost forgotten. People are too impatient to enjoy true, enigmatic talent.   


Steady and patient

November 4, 2007

I’ve now worked two weeks in my new job in the bookshop. Its ok, though not a career job. Gives a bit of an insight into what books are popular and sell well though. Biographies and crime fiction(i.e the Cornwells) are selling well at the moment. Boring books in my view, but then thats just me. I have a monster proof to do at the mo( a 500 page poetry book) so work editing second book is slow, but up to chapter 13. Got blood tests on tuesday. Never had them before so a bit nervous.


Never Mind

October 15, 2007

Heard this morning that I didnt get the proofreading job I went for. Its obviously disappointing as I thought I had a fair chance, but whats more worrying is that that job was at the tail end of my experience and theres very few of them around, so if I didnt get that, what chance have I of others? il probably get the bookshop job I went for, but thats not a career job, and Im sick of public service. Its something I suppose, just have to try and save some money, buy some computer programs like Indesign, Acrobat, Outlook,etc, and do a copywriting course if possible as well. Alot of money and time.


High Blood Pressure

October 10, 2007

Today hasnt been the greatest. Went to see the nurse again, and she took my blood pressure and its still up, even higher than last time. I have to go and see the doctor next week now, which’ll probably mean medication. Really shouldnt be happening at my age. Problems at home as well, with my mum getting worked up about her work, and having an interview for a job in london on monday was stressful. This blog appears the only way to release it, as friends are non-existant or caught up in their own lives. Thanks also to the postal strike for delaying my new ink cartridge, so cant print any more novel off for my dad and me to edit. Anyway, enough ranting. I’ll go watch the Back to the Future trilogy to cheer me up.